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Mac Virtual Memory – What it is, the Swap Location, and How to Disable Swap in Mac OS X

Apple expert. The chosen config is clearly not making things easier.

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Dubya Feb 26, at UTC. The benefit is there for sure, and this is the only machine that's ever run into this particular problem And before anyone asks Dubya Feb 27, at UTC.

Mac OS X Swap aka Virtual Memory

When I switch programs, you would think it would be blazing fast because it's all in RAM, but instead, it takes s to switch back to something like Illustrator. I shuffled some stuff around and re-formatted my 18gb cheetah with a 1gb UFS partition for swap, plus two others for other high-speed needs. I read about the way to move the swap file to another filesystem that can exist on a faster drive. The idea of just specifying it in fstab would basically work for any of the other Unices I've seen - wait - they all do that but Darwin! This seems like a bug to me.. While moving the swap file can and does help a little, this is just a band-aid to the real problem: a lack of memory.

Adrian AdRem wrote: It could be your network monitoring software that's having this issue. Quite honestly: DON'T do this. Thai Pepper. I agree with David that you are entering "Here be dragons Dubya Mar 5, at UTC. That Snow Leopard article is one of the ones I found that seemed like it must have been out of date, as I made the changes but they didn't work thus, I'd disabled SIP for the change kevinmcox wrote: Why not just adjust the partition sizes on this troublesome Mac so the boot drive has more space to work with if you must keep the drive separate this way.

What is the purpose of this vm folder?

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How to Clone Mac OS X to new HDD or SSD

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What is the Mac Swapfile? Can You Delete It?

Viewed 6k times. Is there any other way to enable swapping? Or to run some diagnostics? Mach Virtual Memory Statistics: page size of bytes Pages free: Pages active: Pages inactive: Pages speculative: Pages throttled: 0. Pages wired down: Pages purgeable: Pages copy-on-write: Pages zero filled: Pages reactivated: Pages purged: File-backed pages: Anonymous pages: Pages stored in compressor: Pages occupied by compressor: Decompressions: Compressions: Pageins: Pageouts: Swapins: 0.

Swapouts: 0. Look in this thread for an explanation what to do: apple. Lexs thanks for your answer, but I don't think that thread contains anything related to my problem?

Mac OS X Swap File Location

Or am I missing something? My script and daemon are below: mountvm. Michael Golban Michael Golban 61 1 1 silver badge 1 1 bronze badge. Entering mount in Terminal should reveal something like Enable SIP again!

I have to further investigate this. Thanks for the detailed answer, but unfortunately this is still not working for me. And the vm disk is still showing as unmounted.

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Thanks again for all the time you've taken to help me solve this. Unfortunately, removing and creating the VM volume still does not work. After re-creating the volume, its size reduced to 20KB.

When I restart in normal mode, the volume goes back up to 2GB and remains unmounted. Viewed 4k times.

swapfile - Can I Extend the Swap in macOS? - Stack Overflow

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