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Sat Apr 27, 8: Any tips on how to do that? Here is the option PMS gives me: Thank you for the assistance, Alfa. James Posts: Thu Sep 04, However if you are with a VPN Service Provider rather than a server you have setup yourself the server is probably running NAT to share the server's Internet connection, which is going to block the ability for you to connect to your server remotely through the VPN.

You should set in touch with your VPN Service Provider in this instance to see if they offer any workarounds. However the best way to access your Plex server securely is to do the whole process in reverse: I'd recommend a bridged TAP setup. This will allow you to access your Plex server just like it as if you had your computer plugged into your home network.

Cheers, James. James Bekkema Viscosity Developer Web: Thanks for the help James. My issue is that my apartment complex provides the internet and the way the local ISP has set this up doesn't give us individual IP addresses. I set a total bandwidth limit equal to my upload speed and share my server with family. It will transcode and keep everybody streaming without going over the limit, so everyone can watch. It's excellent, but I don't use it for music anymore. Roon is basically the music focused version of Plex and much better at it, at that.

DyersEve , Sep 2, You are paying and pay for the app on whatever device you don't control for a cloud service that can reach through your firewall and access all your media via their unaudited server software you install, while it is you that is providing the bandwidth of getting media to your device.

Make Media Server on Mac OS X 

Paying for something you already own. I have never found a library-style appliance that is easier to use for music than just browsing NAS computer folders or searching them, to play what you want or drop what you want into the player queue.

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If you want to try a different kind of software to play music, look at free and open-source Mixxx. It is a Serato DJ style program that can use timecode vinyl to mix, but you can also just use it "radio station" mode to auto play and fade between songs.

It will build a library of your media that is as searchable as a live DJ demands. Last edited: Sep 3, DyersEve , Sep 3, What got me to revive this thread was seeing that Plex is accessible through Sonos, which is intriguing since I have a Sonos speaker at work. If anyone has used the Sonos connection how is the experience?

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I did and found it tedious. I prefer to to it the other way, meaning browsing my media libraries and then pushing my selection to the output device. Claude Benshaul , Sep 3, My girlfriend turned me on to Plex and I love it. I've had to make a few corrections for band photos and such but overall its been a joy to use.

We have unlimited data for our wireless service, so I no longer need to keep music on my phone.


Select all wget -O - https: Actually I have to launch the 2 users to get all my services running, what is not really ergonomic…. Thanks, that worked. Reading your guide I am thinking of making small remote mini servers place it at there place and just rsync there favourite shows to there Plex server running on the raspberry pi. Jump to. Its just to much for the Mac mini to handle.

Central PA. Should Foobar live on your NAS?

Plex Media Server - alternatives?

How about VLC? This is still all unfamiliar territory to me.

Dillydipper , Dec 3, DyersEve , Dec 3, Claude Benshaul , Dec 3, I'm a recent Plex enthusiast. I only really use it for audio, even though I do have a bunch of music videos and concerts in my library. I started the experiment because I needed to play music for my stressed-out new cat while I was away.

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It was super simple to stream Plex to a speaker group and get the same music in two different rooms at once. I think that's going to be my platform for whole-house audio in the near future.

Anachostic , Dec 3, How does Plex compare vs Monkey Media? You must log in or sign up to reply here.

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