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The It also supports the P3 color gamut, which allows for more vibrant colors. This ensures true-to-life pictures with realistically vivid details, which are essential for graphic design, color grading, and editing.

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With True Tone technology, the white balance automatically adjusts to match the color temperature of the light around you for a more natural viewing experience. The Touch Bar places controls right at your fingertips and adapts to different apps to provide useful functions without having to navigate complex menus or memorize keyboard shortcuts. Replacing the function keys in the top row of the keyboard, the Touch Bar features a Retina-quality display and supports multi-touch input.

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The power button has been upgraded with a Touch ID sensor, so you can quickly log into your MacBook Pro using your fingerprint. Touch ID enables a quick, accurate reading of your fingerprint and uses sophisticated algorithms to recognize and match it with the Secure Enclave in the Apple T2 chip. It also brings "Hey Siri" function to the Mac. The system features an 8th Gen Coffee Lake 2. This Mac comes preloaded with macOS. Updates can be downloaded for free via the Mac App Store. Please check Apple's website for upgrade eligibility.

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Order in the next 0: Calculate Shipping zxvtszfzdutvxbvfdtaqzs. Please try searching for a similar item from a different brand or model. Reviews 7. Not available with current selections. Add to Cart. View Cart. Email Print. Quick Compare: Featured Creative Laptops. Creative Laptops. True Tone Technology With True Tone technology, the display and Touch Bar deliver a more natural viewing experience for design and editing workflows, as well as everyday tasks like browsing the web and writing email.

Touch Bar The Touch Bar replaces the function keys that have long occupied the top of your keyboard with something much more versatile and capable. The multi-touch, Retina-quality display changes automatically based on what you're doing, from showing traditional system controls, such as volume and brightness, to more directly interacting with or browsing through content.

Intelligent typing features like emoji and predictive text improve the typing experience, and you'll be able to customize the Touch Bar to fit your needs. The Touch Bar can also adapt to apps, such as Mail, Safari, Messages, and even third-party apps like Adobe Photoshop, so you'll have access to useful functions previously hidden in menus. Touch ID A Touch ID sensor has been integrated into the power button, so you can quickly log into your account, even when another user is logged in.

You can also use it with Apple Pay to securely purchase things over the web. Retina Display The Its larger pixel aperture and variable refresh rate make it more power efficient than previous generations. This lets you have a deeper connection to your content, bringing more functionality right to your fingertip.


It also introduces haptic feedback to MacBook Pro, allowing you not just to see what's happening on the screen, but to feel it. With multi-touch, you can use realistic gestures like swiping or pinching to switch between apps, navigate your content, and get the most out of your desktop space.

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At just Audio The speakers have been totally redesigned to provide as much as twice the dynamic range and up to 58 percent more volume, with two-and-a-half-times louder bass for maximum boom. Plus, they're connected directly to system power, enabling up to three times more peak power.

The connector also transmits data via USB 3. The Macbook Pro has four ports, with each pair using a dedicated bus. In the Box. Table of Contents. Performance zxvtszfzdutvxbvfdtaqzs CPU 2. I'm running a late Mac Mini, 2. Upon seeing the previous reports of HD space going 'missing' from other users I investigated using a tool DaisyDisk to see the storage on my Macintosh HD. Much to my surprise there was a folder called 'cores' which I haven't seen before and was taking up GB of space.

Each file in the folder was about 2. After a bit of researching I found that the files were images of programs that caused the computer to crash or something like that and were only useful for programmers doing debugging.

See http: I think there might be a connection between Wargame crashing and the appearances of these files. Hope Eugen can find a fix because I really really really love playing Wargame. Although your explanations sound very logical, they couldn't explain why the disk space somehow completely disappeared. The issue, I believe, is not that the disk space is blocked, but that the system believes it only has access to 2 GB less than before. Or am I missing something here - those days when I knew something about computers are long gone … Cheers!

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Hi guys, I'm also experiencing crashes with WG: That should take you to where the file dumps are. I've deleted mine a couple of times and the space has been reclaimed. I haven't experienced any adverse reactions at this stage and it's been since my last post but will keep you updated. I've been having this problem for a long time and hoped that it would have been resolved by now.

I had another post in the forums last year re: The game is unplayable now and it's a shame since it's such a great game. Hope there's a fix for this. I compared the timestamps of these files with the timestamps of the crash logs I had available exact match!

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Eugen, we know you're all busy with Act of Aggression, but we hope you can take time to find a fix for this. Besides, personally, the failure of Wargame to remain stable on a Mac, would make me wary of purchasing the new game altogether. Again, I love my Mac, and I love Wargame I mean, it did work perfectly fine before! Thanks in advance. Like many on here I initially suspected that it was map related, I haven't had a crash on 2vs2 map yet, but bigger map sizes lead to crashes, at different times of the game, sometimes a few minutes in, sometimes 20 minutes in I haven't had any issues over the past year until an update or two ago, so this is definitely a new thing.

I really hope that Eugene gives this the attention it deserves, as I feel it is something we all paid for, got to enjoy, and now has been corrupted for whatever reason.

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  • Horace Dediu's first Apple Summit in LA on June 14, 2018 is a WWDC for Apple investors!
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  • Horace Dediu's first Apple Summit in LA on June 14, is a WWDC for Apple investors.
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Attached is the crash report identical to the ones posted on this thread I think Computer Specs Spoiler: Processor Information: MacBookPro6,2 Vendor: Supported SSE2: Supported SSE3: