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The float was fashioned as a replica of the home. From Infogalactic: the planetary knowledge core. Jump to: navigation , search.

Craig McCracken Rob Renzetti co-director, 1 episode. File:Foster's characters. Craig McCracken on adopting two dogs and coming up with the idea for the series [12]. Retrieved 16 December Cartoon Network. Archived from the original on 22 July Retrieved 14 December Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends. Season 1. Episode 1. Season 2. Episode 9. TV Guide. Season 5. Episode Season 4. Episode 12— Episode 7. The New York Times. Retrieved 13 December Season 3. The Boston Globe. Animation World Network.

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Writers: Darrick Bachman. The other Imaginary Friends were created by Granted that was for his own advantage, but generous acts nonetheless. Herriman's consent. Mister Herriman is a strict workaholic; Madame Foster is free spirited. Mac has great affection for the house's caregiver Frankie , to the point of harboring an intense crush on her, which is shown in five episodes: in " Frankie My Dear ", where he, Bloo, Prince Charming and Chris the pizza guy compete for her love and where he first develops his crush on Frankie. So, in an attempt to keep him out, Mr.

Animation Magazine. Retrieved 15 December Business Wire. Retrieved 15 December — via The Free Library. DVD Verdict.

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Retrieved 25 February DVD Talk. Retrieved 17 December Common Sense Media. Retrieved 24 January Entertainment Weekly. Archived from the original on 21 October Archived from the original on 7 September Retrieved 30 December She can easily come up with at least four hundred imaginary friends a day. But as time passed, she learned not to talk too fast.

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I forced Mac to eat sugar and, well And he would become very, very vicious, almost like a monster! I heard about that movie, but my parents don't allow me to watch it since they think it's a little too intense for me. Forums The Watty Awards.

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There were grassy hills and a pond leading up to a wall, with a big space on it. It looked like a painter had started working on it with splashes of color here and there but no definite shapes.

Which Foster's Imaginary Friend Are You?

I didn't know how I'd gotten to this place or how it could exist up here in the sky. I fly straight toward my left until I seemed to pass the last of the towers, and. The fairies who were following me seemed to know what was going on but I was still in the dark. I passed over oceans, mountains, forests, farther and farther north until The entire landscape was just white.

It snowed in some areas and I found it easier to fly up above the cloud cover, keeping my wings dry more easily and staying warmer. It was very cold - even more so above the clouds than under them - but the energy of flying, the rapid movement of my wings kept me fairly warm.

5. Comforting Silence

Suddenly, looming out of the white landscape was a huge building, tucked into a mountain side. It was bigger than any of the workhouses we had near our town in the Massachusetts Colony and there was smoke rising from various chimneys. The lights seemed to be coming from this building, from a point right over a large curved section of roof, so that's where I flew to. There was an opening in the roof, looking down into a large room.

It seemed like the room went do. View More. You know this character it is 'Dark Pit', you know him since you were a new fighter, "Sorry, I didn't mean to scared you. Dark Pit followed your gaze and watched the clouds as well and back to you. More then that Dark Pit has a huge crush on you. Every time that he looke. Your idol teacher hasn't made it to the classroom just yet, causing you the stress of standing up in front of millions of eyes, or so you thought it was millions.

You knew that some of the students were judging you by now, but you knew you couldn't do anything about it. The sound of your new classmate's chatter resonated through the semi-large classroom.

This was al. You could hear heavy footfalls behind you, so you knew at least one 'bot was home. You turned around to see Your parents died when you were just a little girl. It was up to you to protect and raise your little sister, Serah. She wanted to celebrate your birthday with a birthday party and tell you she was dating your friend Snow.

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It made you sick to see them together. The worst birthday ever. Serah ran off in tears. Snow blamed you and vowed to protect her instead.

Fosters Home

Filled with anger, you didn't even bother to go after them. It was getting late. After you cool down, you were going to search for your little sister. It didn't take long until Snow barged in your home, telling you she was missing. Enraged, you got in a heated argument with him. It only lasted a while since you needed to find Serah. You took off to find he while Snow went the opposite direction to find her.