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Integrity : Desktop Tool to Find Broken links For Huge Websites
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Broken Links Check List. A list of software and services for checking websites for broken links.

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They ran very through and objective tests of these and many other link checkers. Best Free Live Wallpaper for Android. View post. Share I don't use this tool very frequently, but when I do it works great. Extensible BLT is built to be extensible, it uses loadable bundles to export files, so you can write your own custom exporters. Integrity Plus has more of those features, such as filtering, sorting, exporting, XML sitemap functionality and managing multiple sites.

Big Brother An open source link checker for Linux. Broken Link Checker Online service which checks a single page for broken links, missing images etc. Checks deeper into your site if a backlink is detected.


Integrity for Mac - free link checker to help you improve your website. Website crawler, Link checking and bad link reporting. I did, however, recently stumble upon a free utility which searches for broken links within a website. You can also direct Integrity to ignore querystrings, check for unique page titles, check external links, find broken images, and more. Integrity flawlessly crawled my local app.

Dreamweaver Includes a link checking feature. Free Link Checker Free online service to check a single page for broken links.


Free Online Link Checker Free online service which checks the links on a single page. InSite A Windows desktop application which performs website spell checking and link validation.


Jenu An open source Java copy of Xenu. JSpider An open source Java web spider which can search for broken links.

Link Alarm A long established online link checking service. Link Checker A free online service from the W3C the body responsible for web standards. Link Checker Pro Windows desktop software which checks for broken links and creates visual site maps.

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Note that Scrutiny is a more advanced app with features such as managing multiple sites, crawling pages requiring authentication and webmaster tools which go beyond link checking. Version 9 is a major new version.


It adds: Redesigned lInk inspector - puts redirects on a separate tab rather than a pop-up window, - adds warnings tab, contains details of anything that gives this link an orange 'warning' status - traditionally the orange 'warning' status meant redirect s but now can include a number of other things.

In future the number of possible things that you can be warned about will grow.

Adds Warnings into diagnostics window. Change to the internal flow.

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This is fine Redirect chains included in warnings Better handling of redirection from a http or https url to a tel:, mailto: etc. Does not create a warning but cancels the connection and sets the status to 'not checked'. The redirect details can be seen within the link inspector.

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