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Mac Tools 3 Piece Red Hard Handle Phillips and Flat Head Screwdriver Set USA

What is it? Comment feed for ongoing :. The best bricolage investment i did it's almost the only one :-D was buying a set of expensive Facom screwdrivers.

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I had bought some very cheap Chinese ones 1 euro per screwdriver, great! It's possibly a metaphor for both a editors, and b programming languages.

Some people will swear you only need one, but with a multi-function tool, you're always going to be compromising on something. I actually had a similar experience a few years ago, and it seemed so in-my-face relevant to my day job. I had just bought a 30 year old boat which needed some repairs.

I needed to borrow some tools from my father in law to get the job done; not wanting to demand too much I asked for an adjustable spanner, saying it would get the job done.

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My father in law protested and handed me his full set of wrenches. At some point you'll encounter a screw that's stuck, and you're bound to apply too much force. At the moment you feel it slipping, leaving a small piece of metal, you will know that this screw will always add a piece of frustration to working with that engine. The same goes for software development: you do something to your code that you probably shouldn't do, and the moment you do you know it will always trouble you. From: Adrian Sutton Jul 30 , at The message is that if you only have a single, even very versatile, tool in your toolbox, it is not as good as having a large set of tools which are essentially the same but in different sizes.

Perhaps, sometimes introducing new tools isn't worth the effort and you should just use a slight variant of what you've already got?

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Or perhaps it's just time for you to branch out and buy a hammer. I have one complete with instructions from my father-in-law who was most disappointed that I didn't have a toolshed. Replace screwdrivers with kitchen knives and you've got my pet obsession - how people manage to cook at all with some of the horrors I've seen in their kitchens I have no idea Is it a metaphor for Well, that is depressing, in the context of this story. It is the first thing that came to mind, though, and my primary language is Ruby.

Perhaps it has real-world support: Rubyists use Ruby for a lot of things everything , but when things get really frustrating and they need to get down to the nuts-and-bolts and make something perform, they drop in to C. Does it fit? I have a strong urge to go out and add substantially to my screwdriver collection right now.

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I'm not being metaphorical -- I want to visit a hardware store. Next comes the big plastic toolchest. Then the industrial Craftsman rack. Then you are in the garage cursing again because family members never put the screwdriver back in the right drawer. And so it goes. You've become the average dad having an average day. Welcome to blessed mediocrity. The Europeans tell us they understand Americans better than we do ourselves. It's rubbish but it makes them feel superior long after they've become a third-rate socialist rabble.

In Britain, a sonic screwdriver is a toy used by a sci-fi hero to adjust the neutron phase continuum.

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In America, it is a fast food drive in cola with vodka. The software metaphor: a fat client always performs better if you could just find one that does what you want when you want to do it. From: Paul Morriss Jul 30 , at Quick, someone write up the canonical "if operating systems were screwdrivers" list and post it to rec. Also, one important tool that is often overlooked, a solid pair of mechanic gloves or work gloves.

I'm scared to show my collection of screwdrivers Ok, that said, the number one cause of injury in the home is The Screwdriver!

The multibit screwdriver has had the common part the handle refactored out, at the expense of simplicity and performance. Sometimes I try to reduce code duplication, but wind up with a mess of maps and lambdas and applys that is hard to understand and even longer than the original. I should have stuck with the original, plain old function calls, duplicated though they may be. A "Good" Ratcheting screwdriver is worth its weight in gold. I was lucky enough to win one from Snap-On many years ago and it has survived through working in a heavy equipment shop, repairing countless jalopies, an entire home renovation and the set up of a new data centre.

Never once has it failed me. Those screwdrivers are cheap, dangerous crap that will destroy screws and or shatter. They should be tossed, and should never have been bought in the first place. I can't comment on the Snap-on brand of tools; but in the US it's not a bad investment to buy Craftsman hand tools at Sears. My dad, a life-long professional mechanic, convinced me to buy Craftsman tools long ago.

The hand tools NOT the power tools are guaranteed for life, even if you use them in non-standard ways. I agree that multiple screwdrivers gives you the right one for each job. I do wish, however, that we'd eliminate certain types of screw heads: I'd favor Torx heads myself, could compromise on Phillips, but would like to eliminate the straight slot screws, the driver slips out of them too easily. I'm more interested in what happens to the metaphor in a year or so when all the Phillips drivers go missing and all you're left with is the huge slot screwdriver and a couple of useless Robertson drivers.

What usually happens is somebody goes and gets a couple new sets.

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Mac Allister 55 Piece Multi Screwdriver Set - B&Q for all your home and garden supplies and advice on all the latest DIY trends. Display. per page. Picture of 10 Piece Torx Key Set T10 - T55 8 Piece Star L-Wrench Set T9-T40 · Picture of 9 Piece Torx Screwdriver Set - Mac Grip.

Then a year later you have twice as many huge slot and small Robertson drivers, and you still can't find a decent Phillips - but it takes you twice as long to figure that out. I believe a major reason. NET gained traction even among developers who don't like Microsoft eg the GNOME crowd because of the promise that it wouldn't restrict you to a single language and a much easier interface to existing native C code. I'd say the metaphor is that you can give your customers a product that is highly flexible and has different uses, but at the end of the day all they want is a product that does the one thing they care about well.

From: Zach Jul 31 , at It's interesting to see everyone's biases in the comments. Myself, while I was reading this I was pondering the difference in operating systems, particularly the BSD mentality vs. Hugh: I believe a major reason. If that were fully true, then VB6 would still exist. NET; which acts more like C. It's an interesting question whether something like Prolog can be run on the CLR, without bending its syntax and semantics to fit. Real software programmers speak in tongues like 'Error: Module consistency-check configurator has invalid index; exiting.

From: Dave Eshleman Aug 02 , at I've found out the hard way that it is best to get good tools often cheap screw drivers will strip themselves on a tight screw and become useless often the multi head screw drivers are made too cheap to last, or work best to have the right tool for any job. I wish they had sets like that for eyeglasses screwdrivers. The French made versions had nice handles. However, the current US made versions handles are too large and are more like pry bar handles than handles made for turning or spinning. Told them the problem at the service desk, and the lady said to go look in another set and get your replacement and return to the service desk to do the warranty exchange.

They had 8 set remaining on the shelf How many of you other guys have gotten two T10's? If anyone has a T Those 5 year olds get lazy Lowes could care less about hand tools. Wait til you try to warranty kobalt. Wait til you try to warranty kobalt Yeah, this style of screwdriver isn't in their line-up yet if it ever will be so 6 month to a year from now, if you need a warranty replacement for one, they'll probably have a new vendor and totally new designed handles, etc.

US made are generally pretty dang good.

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I'll open a screwdriver factory in the US and you open one in China. While my government taxes me into oblivion, cuts backstabbing trade deals, gives tax breaks and subsidizes big box stores that have incentive to sell cheap imported junk over quality domestic products sometimes even for the same price, and I get sued by a worker with animal genitals because I didn't provide the correct style of bathroom You will get a free factory, be helped by a country that manipulates its currency, and have access to a slave workforce including children, and legally put up suicide nets around your factory so the workers cant jump off the top and kill themselves.

Yeah, this style of screwdriver isn't in their line-up yet if it ever will be so 6 month to a year from now, if you need a warranty replacement for one, they'll probably have a new vendor and totally new designed handles, etc. And if you don't have your receipt they will say sorry we closed those sets out at 49 cents so we can offer you 49 cents towards a replacement.

But it's a warranty item not a return I should get a replacement at least Next in line please!

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Maybe Lowes is headed toward becoming the Horror fright of home improvement stores. I rate this entire thread- amazingly entertaining!