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Scarborough Town Centre Store

Zara manager at STC again said no. Clearly, Zara staff do not want to take accountability and presented as aloof about it. They had the nerve to ask if I wanted to place a third order to replace the defective replacement item. I said NO! View the two pictures. I made sure to capture the both times Zara screwed up on the same order. Zara, never purchasing an item from your location or online again. The staff are not professional and you people are disgusting! I gave an one star since they gave me ambiguous info. I stores are the similar stores you can find in any other shopping centre.

Nothing special about this mall. Terrible customer service. I was told numerous different stories about who would do my make up and finally I was told he had to leave for the day yet he was still in the store after I was finished and I had the last appointment of the day yet they said there were still other clients booked after me They said I would be put with someone else inside the store and not in a private room. The manager was very rude and gave so much attitude, while explaining their mistake she said "it is what it is" and didn't even offer an apology for all the misinformation that I was given at the time that I booked my appointment.

I almost walked out but wanted to have something nice done for my night out. Overall experience was extremely disappointing. Choose another MAC store if you want better service, or better still, go to Sephora.

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This review will pertain specifically to my experience in the food court. I haven't experienced the revitalized food court since its reopening, so I was quite excited to have an opportunity to grab some quick lunch here. Loved the new options, however, between having my feet attach to the floor because of how stick it was and battling over 15 fruit flies during my quick meal, I was not impressed at all.

We could not even finish our food because of how disgusted we felt. Such a shame quite frankly. Consistently disappointing mall with little reason to come.


See Full Product Calendar. Pedro R. Scarborough West Supercentre. Watch video See all Every Walmart Pharmacy has a licensed pharmacist who is available to answer your health questions and provide confidential, knowledgeable advice about your medications and treatment. Window shopping for a leisure walk fits here.

The shops are all understocked and the food is all dirty. The only joy to be found is when you finally get to leave this confusing jungle of garbage. Don't bother with the this place and head to fairview or yorkdale instead. Used to love this place, it is the closest mall to us, but man is it ever full now, I don't bother going to the food court anymore, there are never any seats, the whole mall is getting nearly impossible to navigate, there are just too many people. Recently, the mall has added a few stores, this has allows the place to look like every other mall, it has absolutely nothing that distinguishes it from other malls.

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Avoid this place until they figure out how to deal with crowds. Actually this is a warning for people who park at the public parking lot in Scarborough Town Center. I went there this afternoon and parked my car outside of Walmart at about 2: I was surprised as this is apparently a common public parking lot for these kind of shopping malls, and there were no signs saying no parking or whatsoever. So I went to the officer and asked if I can park my car there, and he said yes. I went to Walmart and did my shopping and came out one hour later, and guess what?

I got a parking ticket on my windshield citing I parked in a private property without consent.

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The ticket was written at 2: I am not the only one. I saw there were a few others cars with parking tickets too here and there in that huge parking lot. I was pretty upset, and went to the security office in the mall at about 6: The lady officer there said that they chalked the tires and give parking tickets for cars that parked for more than 4 hours.

I told her this must be a mistake because I've only parked for one hour and showed her all the receipts. I almost had to beg and she asked me to come back in 20 minutes.

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MAC Cosmetics. View All Stores MAC is the destination at Scarborough Town Centre for professional makeup – carrying an extensive selection of colour. Scarborough Town Centre - MAC Cosmetics. MAC carries an extensive selection of colour cosmetics, skincare and makeup brushes.

I was pretty determined to dispute this thing, so I just stood outside the security door and waited. She came out just moments later and took my parking ticket and told me not to worry about it. I guess I was pretty lucky this time as I had the time to deal with it.

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You guys really gotta be careful when parking there - take evidence of when you started parking there and when you leave. I'm really not sure why they are so big on giving parking tickets there in the middle of a Friday. There were plenty of parking spaces where I and many other cars got the tickets. This mall is way too busy for my liking. The space occupied by Sears might be undergoing renovation because for some reason they have blocked off that entire section of parking lot and there looked to be some machinery parked there.

Sears wasn't making any money so the people parking there were obviously just parking there to walk elsewhere in the mall and not Sears If you were paying attention while you drove in you probably saw that there were some empty spots by the restaurants. Can't park there though because there are literally security guards out there that will tell you to turn around.

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So where do you park in this mall? You don't park anywhere. You get back on the and drive to Fairview. I didn't actually get to do that this time since I was meeting someone so I had circle the place for an eternity before I finally found a spot across the mall from where I wanted to be. The pluses are that there have been some renovations done and the food court looks pretty nice and has a lot more stylish seating, even if it doesn't encourage cleanliness.

There were a lot of information booths as one always seemed to be in place whenever we needed to look for another store. They have what you would expect from a mall, stores like Walmart, footlocker, etc. I also think they manipulate prices at different times of the day, lunch is a rip-off but ive gone after 5pm and things seam cheaper, since menus are on LCD screens its easy to manipulate it.

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The shops are what you would expect anywhere you go like Walmart foot locker etc Food is expensive and portions small and stingey. I feel like they may even manipulate prices at certain times of day since all menus are on monitors and I swear after 5pm I saw cheaper prices then at lunch. Worker at Michael Kors pushed me and told me to move. She could have asked nicely. Didn't even face me.

Overall,I like STC. Not the best location, not good if looking for children things or specifically infant clothing. Would not recommen Not a fan, it seemed like the food I got was old and stale. When I asked for a cup of water they said they were all out, which is a lie because their was a lady in front of me who just got one.

Overall there are many of other restaurants in the town centre that have better food. This mall is not for me at all. I am not a huge fan of malls so keep that in consideration for my review. I have been coming here for years and have found it's disappointing more then I'd like to. It's not awful it just however is rarely enjoyable to shop here. They have a pretty good selection of stores that I really enjoy but I find the mall in way too crowded with rude people. Most of the time and the staff of different stores I find not as friendly than other locations in Scarborough.

In contrast to other reviews, I really don't like this mall. It feels claustrophobic and overcrowded. You are forced to walk through the poorly designed food court and it is chaos. Chaos can work; I love the energy that can come from being in huge crowds in New York, or Tokyo or Bangkok; in this food court however, it is a major headache and you are forced to endure it. Beyond this criticism, the mall generally feels cramped, push and over populated.

I find the stores to be heavily picked over especially around holidays and generally happy to avoid being there if possible.