Watch dvd on mac laptop

[Solved] How to Fix 'Mac(Book/Pro) Won't Play DVD' Problem

Only one can be open at a time, the other then being available from the dropdown menu at the top of the panel. The same dropdown offers the Video Zoom control.

This control lets the user magnify and re-frame the action in the viewer window. This option can be also accessed from the Window menu.

When you minimize the DVD Player it keeps playing in miniature on the Dock so that you can keep an eye on the movie while doing something else. Note that all recent Macs feature a video output port. With an optional adapter, this will output the screen in S-video or Composite video — useful if you have a widescreen TV and want to use your Mac as a DVD player. With a laptop, you can consider hooking it up to a bigger computer screen.

Play a DVD

Watch DVD movies on your Mac. Play DVDs using your built-in DVD drive or an external DVD drive, such as a SuperDrive. How to watch a DVD movie. If your Mac has a built-in DVD drive or is using an Apple USB SuperDrive, just insert your DVD into the drive. DVD Player opens automatically.

Have you tried reading subtitles aloud to your son? You can also rip the DVD, which is illegal we must warn you, and edit the soundtrack so that there will be greater pauses between the words to fit the slo mo. The songs will be ruined, of course. But these actions as such are the violation of the federal copyright regulations. So, reading subtitles seems the only way out. Oups, sorry for the delay in answering, we missed the question.


The Macbooks lack the DVD drive since Once connected the external SuperDrive acts just like an internal one. You can also try the external drives of other manufacturers. Just make sure they are compatible with your MacBook. Your email address will not be published. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment.

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How To Get An External DVD Drive To Work With a Mac Laptop

To see the full list, click here. Contents 1 Apple SuperDrive 1. Dear Ismith. You may ask in other places, we hope that we are wrong. Our best wishes!

Enter your email address below:. This version sucks. Now what? My local store is still full of them and they are selling. They are selling because we dont live in Palo Alto and have mbs internet and the ability to download a box set of a series is years away. If I had thrown away my dvd burner when Jobs told me to I would have had no customers.

Top 5 Free DVD Player Software for Mac

VLC is free. Home Page Pros: Lightweight, offers video compatibility is impressive and compares favorably with other players in the market. Preparations you need to do: Mac OS X Have you tried reading subtitles aloud to your son? For these you need to use a directly connected SuperDrive.

I just tried to play a DVD and noticed that the computer had no idea what to do. I eventually located the player using Pathfinder and was amazed to find a little box of unused apps. Why put them there? Why do they feel the need to keep moving apps to the CoreServices folder?

Watch DVD movies on your Mac

Most of these could just be left in the Utilities folder, and everyone could find them easier. I wonder the same thing, the Utilities folder is a great place to store basically every item found in CoreServices. The DVD Player app and wi-fi utilities in there are excellent for example, they should be less hidden from the user.

Many Mac users would like quick access to these tools, and others. You can always make aliases I guess…. I have been using the Superdrive to burn jpg images onto discs to send to clients. I have had several sessions with Apple support and still awaiting a solution.

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The drive worked fine until Mojave was installed. Have any of your found a solution to this? I went to spotlight and entered DVD Player.

Play a DVD movie file stored on your Mac

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