Best mac apps for web designers

7 Best Free Web Design Software for Mac Users

Check out some designs made with the program.

If you already some knowledge of programming languages, Blocs is likely a great option for you. With each snippet of code, Blocs has eliminated much of the guesswork.

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The foundation is already there, and you can continue building on top of it, customizing as you go. The program is also just as fast at reacting to your programming choices as you are at making them: for example, if you just added a new page, Blocs will automatically incorporate it into the navigation for you, eliminating a few steps on your behalf. Take a look at some of the best websites built with Blocs to give you an idea of what this Mac application is capable of. While it may be a little more complex than Blocs, it does offer more customization and freedom.

Best Mac Apps for a Web Designer

Very useful and saves having to load up Photoshop for simple tasks. Handy for being able to test your websites in versions of IE using Multiple IEs and if there are any Windows only apps you need to use, e.

Microsoft Access. A good old favorite for creating text documents, preparing slideshows or looking after sets of data.

There are a few Mac alternatives, and of course online alternatives, but I personally prefer Office. Paparazzi takes full screenshots of webpages.

Top choice for everyone else: EverWeb

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  • These are the very best tools for building your website;
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  • Must-have OS X apps for designers and developers.

No more than one email per week. You can edit your code, preview your web page, upload to server integration with Transmit , edit CSS and run commands in Terminal; all from within this one app. I would use Coda for front-end development.

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Textmate is another text editor that I prefer using for back-end development. Code completion, snippets, syntax colouring are some of the things I enjoy about Textmate along with ease of customizing fonts and colours.

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  • Visually design with ease!

This is a desktop alternative to PHPMyAdmin, which is a lot quicker and in my opinion a lot easier to operate. Works just as well and looks even better.

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Check it out. Just by running MAMP all these three services will be up and running, no messing around in Terminal needed.

Great app for getting things done.