Office 2011 mac el capitan compatibility

Apple says OS X 10.11.1 update will fix Microsoft Office 2016 crashes

Another possibility is to power down and then power up holding the [Shift] key.

2. Spotlight performance trouble

In my case the "longer to open files" was "never able to open files". In macOS Mojave, the Mac AppStore gets a complete redesign with a new look and rich editorial content that makes it easy to find the right Mac app. Hot Tips. When you decide to install El Capitan, do it carefully. I think the import silently aborted on it.

This will enable Safe Mode, which loads the OS without extensions. If the upgrade proceeds, then an unsupported app is probably the cause. Symptoms: Spotlight has gained even deeper integration with OS X and web services, which helps make searches that are nimble and informative—until their not.

Spotlight is supposed to report back information from dozens of sources, but when it doesn't or it's limited in scope, that's a problem. Causes: Spotlight maintains an index database of information that it catalogs. If the index becomes corrupt possible, but not uncommon or if the system is still indexing due to the upgrade most common , then Spotlight will appear to be slow to respond. Solution: The first thing to check is what exactly Spotlight is set to index by going to the Search Results tab under System Preferences Spotlight. Only checked boxes are used by Spotlight—all others are ignored.

Once the settings have been verified, check to ensure Spotlight isn't currently indexing by clicking on the Spotlight magnifying glass in the menu bar.

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During this time, it's best to let the computer complete the task. If the issue still persists, the database may be corrupt and require a reindexing. To perform this, launch Terminal and enter the following commands, one at a time:. The first command will effectively delete the current index, while the second the third commands turn off Spotlight and turn the service back on again. Immediately after the third command is executed, Spotlight will create a new database and begin indexing it. Please remember this process takes time as in hours to complete and that it's best to not interrupt it until it's done.

Causes: According to Microsoft, there's a bug or series of bugs preventing Office from launching on Apple computers running El Capitan.

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Regardless of whether the computer was upgraded or clean installed, the results are the same for Office users and some Outlook for Mac users. Solution: As of this writing, Microsoft has issued a statement regarding the issues experienced by users of Office for Mac. It's currently working on a solution to fix these problems.

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Office for Mac seems to be working well, apart from Outlook , so that may be a possibility for users who are able to downgrade. Symptoms: "Application X" was working perfectly prior to the upgrade. Post-upgrade, it does not function properly or even load at all.

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Causes: The causes for a particular application not loading or working correctly are nearly limitless and beyond the scope of this article. Solution: The best way to go about resolving an issue with a specific application not working in El Capitan is to first visit the vendor's website to verify compatibility.

Mac OS X El Capitan

Many vendors have taken the time between beta and public releases to test and properly vet their apps for compatability with the latest version of OS X. Updating applications to their latest versions will typically resolve any outstanding trouble. Symptoms: After the final reboot of the upgrade process, the user is brought to the logon screen with an account listed as "Setup user" and prompted for a password to authenticate. Regardless of the password entered, the password box shakes "no," and the user is not able to login.

Causes: This is a mysterious occurrence that has been happening very infrequently. While no clear explanation exists as to why it affects so few or the seemingly random nature of the occurrence, it does appear to be some sort of configuration pass that does not fully complete. Solution: Reboot your Mac or, better yet, shut it down. Seems to me that would be an impossible intellectual leap for Microsoft. Word has a built-in macro language Visual Basic which allows the user to script shortcuts and it allows third parties to craft and offer additional functionality.

Word has had a built-in feature to protect you from Word macro viruses for well over a decade now. And not at all something that you have to stress over. If that is the case I will not be upgrading. Installed it and first opened up Outlook. Opened again Crashed.

Getting Office 2011 and old apps to work fully in Sierra

Was trying to import setting from Why would anybody in the right mind subscribe to Office Sounds like a Bill Gates billion dollar idea to keep ripping of the public like Microsoft has done for decades. I might install Office on a Yosemite test partition just out of curiosity. I would highly suggest a similar strategy for anyone thinking of taking a look at it. Testing it on your main system is risky. Testing it with real work is just plain foolish, unless you have backup copies of that work.

Compatibility with Yosemite is hardly enough at this point since Office seems to work fine in OS X On the one hand, hating Microsoft is so Yet if you do still bear a grudge, there are now a number of alternatives on the Mac. They have rather antique interfaces, but they work. And they can read and write Office compatible documents if compatibility is necessary — as it usually is. One interesting note, a Yosemite-like version of Office will bring the Mac and Microsoft versions even closer together since both Apple and Microsoft have adopted the same flat UI meme.

Go figure. I installed on a Dual Core 2. The best part is that all of the complex and very extensive Excel work books I use no longer require me to have to boot onto Excel for printing because Excel screwed up cell padding, failed to keep spacing settings, and printed a shrunken page. The vertical spacing remained okay, but the horizontal spreading out reduced printed font size to the point that some pages were worthless.

So far, no issues.

Download Microsoft Office 2016 FOR MacOS Mojave Compatible FREE!!! (UPDATED July 2018)

Now, I might be able to phase out Excel I only used a few macros in a summary sheet and those failed. Updates came out about a week or so ago. Excel was updated to Was able to get two sheets from page one of a four-page doc to print once.

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Sep 27, El Capitan on a MacBook Pro (with SSD). The only thing that I noticed in office applications are opening times which are too darn slow. I would prefer to roll back to Office , but I'm not sure if Word and Excel will regain stability as my Mac is now running El Capitan.

From that point on, I have not been able to print in Excel. I opened it and actually was in OneDrive.

Removed all docs from OneDrive never used it for anything but photos for work. Booted from backup made before I u[dated the MS items. Did all of the stuff one does. Checked for damage. Ran DiskWarrior. Checked for frag.