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If you can, try them all before you choose what works best for you. The secret is to focus on the individual parts of the computer that are essential to DJing and music production. The first thing to keep in mind is that every laptop is made with parts manufactured by different companies. At the heart of every laptop is the CPU.

There are only two companies in the world that make them: Intel and AMD. When you configure your laptop, most companies will offer a selection of CPUs, as follows:. Most people have no idea what this information means. When Apple tells you that your computer has a 2.

What’s in the Box.

A quad-core computer, with its four brains, is twice as fast. Memory is another key component to look at. Most MacBooks come with four gigabytes of random access memory RAM , which is what allows Traktor, Ableton Live and other programs to load projects without slowing down. The good thing is that memory is cheap, and the more you add, the better your computer will perform. Hard drives can be mechanical or solid state. Mechanical hard drives have moving parts inside, like an old clock.

As you might imagine, solid state technology leaves mechanical technology in the dust.

Mac or PC: What Should Your Small Business Use?

The bottom two performers are the fastest mechanical hard drives in the world. Every solid state drive beats them:. With a solid state drive, your applications will load faster, and your laptop will wake up from sleep mode almost instantly. The one down side of solid state is the price. However, if you are looking for a more intricate design comprised of multiple pieces, we recommend placing a custom order for Transfer Stickers.

Transfer Stickers are pre-masked for easy application, allowing you to adhere the transfer easily, evenly and bubble free. When it's time for a new design you can easily remove your Transfer Sticker without leaving behind any adhesive. Fill out the form below to order Transfer Stickers. Newsletter Signup.

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