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If for some vaguely defined set of tasks, 60 Hz could not be delivered, than you don't offer 60 Hz. This might be infuriating to some but to others not being surprised of certain common enough tasks not rendering at 60 Hz beats having the option to run some tasks at 60 Hz. Some people rather pay more or just wait longer than getting a somewhat inconsistent performance. About two years back I created an animated slideshow as movie file which ran without any hiccups on my Macbook Pro, but for the presentation it had to be transferred to a fairly new PC laptop.

And it could not show the animations, it showed only something like every 20th frame of it. That is the sort of surprise I don't like. Already with sub-4K monitors, the graphics chip can get quite hot on MacBooks with large external monitors.

A user should never have to worry about overheating a computer, it's the manufacturers job to design the computer such that this is not possible. I know this is hearsay but I've heard from several people over the years, that PCs do overheat. Sure, Apple could have just been lazy but given that third parties were able to modify the binary code, it doesn't look as if it would have been much work for Apple to do this. All that you can count on is x pixels or p.

People who have used those Macs and iOS devices know that Apple handles backwards compatibility very well. So the difficulty of hacking your Mini has little to do with how well the features work on the models that support them.

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It didn't seem to work for me, at least not connected to this particular UHD monitor. So I feared. But thankfully that is not the case at all. I have it driving my 24" UHD display as a retina display and it's totally awesome and works perfectly on DisplayPort where it was also advertised as only going up to x But the point is that with windows boxes are you free to stick whatever you want in them and also that many of the MACs that require all these tricks actually DO support UHD just fine in their HW it's locked away and obscured and I've heard that even people with retina books and new mac pros sometimes need to do at least one of the hack steps to get it to scale nicely, at least with some UHD displays.

Perhaps, but the reason it was brought up the way it was is that the guy who did the original hack says that this section of Mavericks code now appears to be signed and it wasn't before so now it's tough to modify since it fails the signature test and the OS seems to reject any changes to these modules if altered now and locks out apparently. OK, x for DP, but anyway, the truth is that it actually supports x way above the claims!

So long as you unlock it with the hack and it even scales it nicely once you get the retina display hidpi hacks going too. It's beautiful. They keep signing more and more and sandboxing more and more with each OS release for the purpose of making the OS safer. What else would be the purpose of signing code? Do car manufacturers add anti-theft devices to their cars to make it harder for their customers to modify their car remote eg, to add a proximity based features? Or do they do it to make the cars harder to steal? It depends, plenty of times companies have locked down firmware and so on to prevent mods and push sales of new and future items, but in this case yeah it certainly very well might be simply to make the OS more immune to sneaky malware attacks, that very, very well might be the only reason they did it and this hack may not have even been on their radar although there is no way to know without looking in detail into exactly what parts they added signing too, if it was just a few sections of code dealing with these modules then it would seem that they were targeting this hack.

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It's fine to lock up the OS to make it more secure, but they should really simply put in the hack themselves to allow for UHD over DisplayPort as an option or something. The point is that the only rational reason why didn't do so as it apparently must be pretty simple that there must be downside to enabling this.

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How do you think a decision on the maximum display resolution and refresh rate a computer can officially support is made? So you are complaining that it is difficult to hack the OS to do something that Apple specifically says is not supported. Well, yeah, and? If you fry your logic board, are you going to expect a warranty repair?

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David M. Mostly I was just trying to be helpful and tell people how to do it and save them time trying to track it all down themselves!

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You can use 4K displays and Ultra HD TVs with these Mac computers: iMac ( inch, Late ) and later; iMac Pro ()*; Mac mini (Late. 4K displays are becoming increasingly popular as they come down in prices, and 60Hz is not supported because of the Late Mac mini's.

It works. UHD displays are amazing.

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Once you get the retina mode working the MAC drives it very well. It's NOT going to fry the logic board. You very well could fry the logic board, running components above rated design. This is kind of reckless advice and I would recommend that mini owners NOT try this. Just a note from a long time Mac tech and former Apple employee. Apple has a habit of setting artificial and arbitrary limits on their stuff. At the same time, it has no problem driving 3 27" Thunderbolt Displays at full resolution plus the internal display. It can clearly push enough pixels and should not have any issues with UHD.

Yet, it is not allowed by Apple.

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Here are some of the available options for MacBook Pro users shopping for a 4K display that meet the aforementioned requirements:. There are 4K monitors available that meet some, but not all, of my set requirements. Strangely, 5K monitor innovation seems to be lagging behind. With this in mind, the 5K iMac, even at full price, is a good deal. It also makes no mention of its MacBook Pro supporting 5K displays with a dual cable setup on its support site , even though such a statement was there previously. Needless to say, there still seems to be some confusion at Apple HQ about what resolutions its machines support.

Ultimately, only you will be able to determine whether or not a 4K monitor meets your needs. If fit and finish, or future-proofing are some of your top concerns, then I suggest waiting it out until Apple releases a ThunderBolt 3-equipped 5K display. FTC: We use income earning auto affiliate links. Apple's premium laptop comes in and inch screen sizes.

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Contact the vendor for additional information. Other company and product names may be trademarks of their respective owners. If you upgrade from Windows 8 to 8. To get the best graphics performance from your 4K display, connect the display or its adapter directly to your Mac, instead of connecting through another peripheral or device.