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Log in now to enhance and personalize your experience! Search Diablo III I have just bought my copy of D3. To respond to Omrakos's post. I have the patch looping problem. I'm in my original language french and play on US Server like other canadians. I Bought my game in canadian store and take the french …. For some reason our seasoned experts are all left scratching their heads…. I had fun for the majority of the game, getting to level 60 was awesome, and I didn't notice a lot of flaws until, well, inferno. When things actually start to hurt.

Just a couple things I've noticed ….

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This is really embarrassing since a case-sensitive root volume is a valid . There's multiple Library folders in Mac OS X. There's a per-user. EDIT 3: mention installing from case-insensitive volume (step 7) this version of the application Diablo III setup with this version of Mac OS X.

Does this blue post cover this error as well? Playing the game on Linux, although not officially supported, will not get you banned — cheating will. Oh lookie, another Blizzard apologist. UnoriginalGuy on July 3, I'm willing to accept that if you have more than an anecdote to support your position? He's provided as much proof as Blizzard. This makes the anecdote seem less believable without anything else to back it up.

Nothing you said negates my comment. It all suggests derpmeister should be taken as a less reliable source than Blizzard, which does count against your comment.

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Sure, it's not a deductive proof that Blizzard is right and derpmeister is wrong, but it would be unreasonable to require such a thing. Probably was a worthless comment. So you're assuming that's malicious? Why would Blizzard care what OS you use so long as you pay? Fortunately personally I did not "bought" d3 because i don't like renting games and requiring constant connection to server makes it renting. I also found it surprising that it is apparently possible to modify client to teleport, move faster, and see data that is not allowed by standard client[1].

One would thought that after they went such a lengths to make it online only making even map generation on server side they would not trust a client. But apparently not. It also includes any programs that obtain information from the game that is not normally available to the regular player".

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I heard that removed this 'feature' from Assassin's Creed, and it is very likely then they will remove it from D3 too. Of course, chances are that you may not be able to log in from cracked version - and will have to play as a single player game. All of the "business logic" of the game takes place on the server. Eventually server emulators did pop up for D2, but it took a long time. Diablo 2 actually had all business logic in the client itself because it needed to support single player and LAN play. They were able to just use the BNetD project to run Diablo 2 compatible battle.

A better comparison is probably WoW. Like Diablo 3, all of the business logic is server side and it did take awhile for emulators to pop up. Mooege is out already.

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Not sure how good it is, but it seems to be out for over 6 months now started before open beta. AFAIK, it doesn't do anything. You can use it to connect to a server and spawn monsters that stand still. World of Warcraft has the same problems, where it's possible to position your character at random places in the air and stuff like that.

Which sounds perfectly reasonable, but it's not necessarily the truth. As another commenter posted here, this has happened before with WoW users [1]. They claimed that they tried and failed to replicate the failure, but anyone who's done any kind of software development knows this is far from conclusive proof.

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A post mortem on the logs of the banned accounts is absolutely necessary. If they're not willing to do that, they should at least refund the accounts.

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They're claiming it's not the same thing. Also, other WINE users are posting saying they've had no issues. The story's being spread around now, so I guess we'll see one way or another because other users with the issue will either show up, or they won't. There are multiple versions of Wine out there, and the exact results potentially depend on the user's Linux distro, the exact versions of packages installed, the compiler version it's built with, One of the problems Wine developers have is that DRM is often very fragile and sensitive to software changes that are outside their control.

This has happened before. This is just more cheaters WINE-ing. Still, you would think they learned after the first time. Don't rush to judgement. I doubt this is about DRM, this is probably more about protecting players from hackers. Clients have to be analyzed for modification, it's the same as what any Punkbuster game goes through.

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He also meets the Marquis de Singe, who believes Guybrushs infected hand is the key to eternal life; Guybrush would prefer to keep as many of his preferably pox-free appendages as possible, thank you very much. May 15th, am. However we got them, we have them now, we can't find them very easily and they are all clogging up our hard drives. Zhydaris: No Mac version, at least not at the beginning of the first phase of Beta, sorry :. Apple hikes prices at Russian App Store.

Banning wine may just be a consequence of Blizzard keeping the game safe, which is a worthwhile effort. Diablo games are notorious for being hacked, and I assure you that if you happen to lose valuable items or characters due to a hack, you will not be happy.

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If wine users are unfortunately axed because of this they could be angry at Blizzard not having a Linux client which they shouldn't because I doubt it would be worth their while to support but they should not be angry about not being able to use Wine. Not sure I buy this argument.

PB works mainly on FPS-style games where you don't want people to run around with auto-aim bots.

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Does it still matter in Diablo? This has nothing to do with the client. If I don't explicitly allow a transfer, server should deny it. If someone tries to kill me in a way that game-physics disallow, server should deny it. It's not like you need the official client anyway - the way to interface with the server is already known. In short - I don't believe disabling the client on one specific platform will help anyone in any way.

People can and will write bots that work around such protection. This is more like DRM. The basic problem is autopilot bots.

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If you don't have rigorous protection all the way down to the operating system, it's not particularly difficult to make a bot that will run Diablo 3 bosses for you. If Diablo 3 were merely a single-player game this wouldn't matter, but they have made the auction house and the game economy an integral part of progression in the later stages of the game. Bots may not be as directly harmful to other players' experiences as instagibbing anyone that pops up on the hacker's screen, but anyone who can successfully run an autopilot bot is devaluing the game for everyone.

Because Blizzard wants the time people spend playing Diablo 3 to have more worth, they must aggressively police any automated bot activity, which might mean hitting some false positives here and there.