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Microsoft Excel Date Systems for Windows and Mac

Any idea?

Date Format in Excel for Mac

Andresch Serj Andresch Serj 1 1 So the steps are: On the Excel menu, click Preferences. Under Formulas and Lists, click Calculation.

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Under Workbook options, select the Use the date system check box. No, that's a different problem.

That would just result in "wrong calculation" but what i talk about is a completely different format that can not be parsed. You have at least three different ways to apply a date format.

Office for Mac: Format Dates and Times in Excel - dummies

Perhaps the fastest is to select a cell or cell range, and then click the Home tab of the Ribbon. Excel has many more built-in date formats, which you can apply by displaying the Format Cells dialog by pressing Command-1 and then clicking the Number tab.

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Windows or Mac. You can adjust this format in the last step below. Mental Disorders Thanks for the love. Email Required, but never shown. Linked I did that, then added ":

You can also display the Number tab of the Format Cells dialog by clicking the Home tab on the Ribbon. Then click the pop-up button under the Number group title and choose Custom from the pop-up menu. When the Format Cells dialog displays, select the Date category.

Office 2011 for Mac: Format Dates and Times in Excel

Choose a Type from the list. So, if you can convert your datetimes to numbers using the above formula, output them to the relevant cells and then set the cell formats to the appropriate datetime format, e. Also Stefan de Bruijn has pointed out that there is a bug in Excel in that it incorrectly assumes is a leap year so you need to take that into account when making your calculations Wikipedia.

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If, like me, you can't find a datetime under date or time in the format dialog, you should be able to find it in 'Custom'. Some versions of Excel don't have date-time formats available in the standard pick lists, but you can just enter a custom format string such as yyyy-mm-dd hh: Excel can display a Date type in a similar manner to a DateTime.

Right click on the affected cell, select Format Cells , then under Category select Date and under Type select the type that looks something like this:. That should do what you requested. I tested sorting on some sample data with this format and it seemed to work fine.

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You can find more information here. Using SpreadsheetGear for.

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Svish Svish Adam Ralph Adam Ralph 24k 4 50 Unfortunately that's incorrect. Also, Excel incorrectly assumes that is a leap year in all calculations.

In other words, you probably need to subtract 2 days to get the correct date when working in your favorite programming language Thanks Stefan de Bruijn, I've corrected the answer and added a note about the leap year bug. Be careful, datetime format depends on Excel language. For example, in Spanish should be: Ian Grainger Ian Grainger 2, 2 30 The above doesn't appear to work for Excel for Mac: